Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spotify, Spotify, Spotify, Spotify!

Hey. Spotify has embed code.

No, I don't have a piece called Fourth of a Habit.

Okay, so Sibling Revelry is by me (piano études arranged for band)

And below, Musician, Sara, Georgic, and Three Encores are by me.

Locking Horns is by me.

Imaginary Dances, from 1986, is by me. Lawdy. Je ne l'aime plus.

E-Machines, track 9, is by me.

... and Ten of a Kind, tracks 7-10, are by me, even though it doesn't say so.

Windy Nights (track 4) and To Be Sung on the Water (track 18) are by me.

The first three tracks are by me.