Monday, August 20, 2012

zio davino music

Videos of Davymusik have been collecting on my YouTube channel since May 2007, and the only mode of organization to them has been LIFO (last in, first out — or possibly Lard Is For Orks). And playlists, which I just find icky.

Thus have I established the zio davino music blog to put those videos into collections within blog posts. The first post is all of the prélude videos made by Karl Larson of Préludes Book I, in numerical order.

I know the cool kids are all doing wordpress blogs now. I was never a cool kid. Except I could play the first four bars of Bennie and the Jets in high school, and the opening of Chicago's Harry Truman. Thus after twenty seconds I was instantly uncool again; playing the piano part to Dello Joio's Jubilant Song, usually too fast, made me even uncooler.

In other news, my nefarious plan is working.