Friday, July 15, 2011

Hammock time

It took me a little while to realize that by far the most boring blog posts are the ones about work recently completed, work about to be completed, work about to be begun, and/or work floating around in them brainly synapses. Though truth be told, I do like musing about work about to be begun — okay, not musing, but saying out loud — because it sounds like work about to B.B. Gun. And suddenly all of the movie A Christmas Story flashes in front of me, and there I am, saying "Oh, Fudgggge....." But it was the Queen Mother of all dirty words ...

So on this my fifty-third blog post — on average, one per each complete trip I've made around the sun — and to commemorate a really really really thick double bar, rather than commemorate all of them, I again update on that which I have been working and completing. So there.

Y'alls already knows I wrote piano préludes and a piece for cello and a dozen and a third strings. You know that because I told you so. This is the complete Unofficial Official Davy Sabbatical Wrap-Up, and it is very unfortunate that the term ends with a preposition. What do I call it if I'm fiendishly anal about the rules of grammar? The Unofficial Official Davy Sabbatical Up I Wrap? Yeah, that'll do. Especially 'cause it's, like, you know, in red.

Technically, my sabbatical has been over for exactly half a month — since my academic contracts coincide with fiscal years (we get fiscal, just as Olivia Newton-John did), but we get summers off with the explanation, "you are on a nine-month contract with payments stretched out over twelve months." Excellent, so my nefarious plan is working.

What this means to me (and of course it means nothing to you) is that my bimonthly check autodeposited today was for my full salary and not for half of it. That means I can afford to go out to eat today, and then come back.

I know what you want to ask. Davy, how did your double bar get so thick? In an earlier, slightly more juvenile, time, I would have blurted out I fold it in half! and then I'd laugh hysterically, having to leave the room briefly and return, while you either roll your eyes at me or are simply confused.

And here's the answer! We have a nice hammock in the back yard. I like it. Even though I didn't make it, I like lying in it. I don't mind spending all day in it. Except when work calls. And doody calls. Hammock time exists when my last egrigious deadline of the sabbatical period has been fulfilled. And that time was 9:03 this morning.

Woo hoo!

Which means I get to indulge in more Moodyan list making.

Thus, since last I taught a class, here's what I have added to my list of stuff I wrote and you didn't. Starting .... now.
  • Étude #96 on cross-accents, Double Cross (3 min)
  • Étude #97 on dominant seventh chords, Quietude (2-1/ min)
  • Étude #98 on fast arpeggiations in both hands, Mosso (2-1/2 min)
  • Étude #99 on uneven alternating hands, Mano War (3 min)
  • Étude #100 combo étude Two Great Tastes (#100a on chromatic scales, Erdnußbutter and #100b on crescendo-diminuendo repeated chords, Cioccolato) (2 min, 2 min, 2 min)
  • Luccicare for 'cello solo (6 min)
  • Talking Points (Right-Wing Echo Chamber) for 'cello and 16 strings (12 min)
  • Préludes Book I for piano solo (36 min)
  • Compass for saxophone quartet (19 min)
  • Zyg Zag for flute, oboe, guitar, mandolin, violin, violoncello (17 min)
  • Piano Concerto No. 2 for piano/celesta and orchestra (42 min)
  • Thickly Settled for clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano (17 min)
Add to this list an up-arrangement I did for the US Marine Chamber Orchestra: Stolen Moments (yes, the response to jazz piece), originally for woodwind quintet, string quartet and piano.
  • Stolen Moments for chamber orchestra (2(picc)22(bcl)2 200 pno strings) (28 min)
Some of those pieces have received their premieres, too, so there. Namely, starting ... now.
  • Two Great Tastes by I-Chen Yeh and Karl Larson
  • Talking Points (Right Wing Echo Chamber) by Fred Sherry and the Orchestra of the League of Composers, conducted by Louis Karchin
  • Préludes Book I by Karl Larson
  • Luccicare by Rhonda Rider, many times
  • Stolen Moments by the US Marine Chamber Orchestra conducted by Jason Fettig
  • Compass by the Prism Saxophone Quartet
So obviously this morning's double bar was on Thickly Settled. Glad to oblige.

Thus are all my obligations out of the way for the summer. So it's hammock time.

And, dare I say ... blogging time, too? Hee hee, just wait and see if anything is left of the octatonic scale once I'm finished with it ...