Sunday, October 24, 2010

'Lude Behavior

The colony hop continues on apace, and I have made it about halfway through my time with the butter balls. All is quiet, and some is wet. There is no want of vowels.
Incredibly, and just 'bout without warning, however, all the 'ludes that will ever be in Book I have been written — as of yesterday. Which means there now exists both a 'Tudes Book I and a 'Ludes Book I. If I were to meet both of them in a dark alley, I'd be scared that the 'Tudes would kick my butt; after which the 'Ludes would kick the 'Tudes's butt and rip it/them to shreds and then smile innocently. Sometimes the truth is the best medicine. More rarely, it tastes like Pixy Stix.

As detailed here already, one of the 'lude rules is to "reference" other music — usually that means to quote it, but I left myself some wiggle room to be able to say a 'lude has the odor of a different piece of music. Which is a little gross.

One fundamental tenet is thereby proven: at artist colonies, Davy writes crazy fast.

Here's the list of 'Ludeness, so far. As promised, all the titles are palindromes. Music that is referenced trails each entry in parentheses. Because, you know, why wouldn't it?

  • Moody, My Doom (#1, 2010, 2-3/4') to Rick Moody. (Bach "Little" C minor prélude)
  • Never Odd or Even (#2, 2010, 3-1/2') to Karl Larson. (Debussy Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum)
  • Too Hot to Hoot (#3, 2008-2010, 3') to Tony de Mare. (Beethoven Für Elise)
  • Pull a Wall Up (#4, 2010, 3') to Geoffrey Burleson. (Scriabin Prélude Op. 11 #6)
  • No, It is Opposition (#5, 2010, 2-1/2'). (Scriabin Prélude Op. 11 #15)
  • In a Regal Age Ran I (#6, 2010, 4'). (Bach WTC 1 Prélude #8)
  • Dr. Awkward (#7, 2010, 3'). (Chopin C minor prélude)
  • So Many Dynamos (#8, 2010, 3'). (Bach WTC 1 Fugue #10)
  • Puff Up (If I Puff Up) (#9, 2010, 3-1/4'). (Bach WTC 1 Prélude #9)
  • Air an Aria (#10, 2010, 3'). (Bach WTC 1 Prélude #6)
Thus. Davy is a 'Ludite. Next up: who knows?

As to titles for Book II. Perhaps anagrams that are a puzzle. Perhaps acronyms that spell words of unusual pungenceness. Perhaps all ten will have the same title. But one thing is for certain.

It will totally kick Études Book II's butt. Then it will smile.

Update October 25. The 'ludes are now Peters pieces. Edition Peters 68329a.