Sunday, August 29, 2010

In Season

Back in the days when I was a Serious Composer (not that I'm not any more), Earplay programmed my Serious Beyond Reason (SBR) Duo for violin and piano. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Earplay's flyer for that season (1988-9) gave their slogan as Fresh New American Music, and there were worthy descriptions of the pieces on the season: dynamic, energetic, effervescent, powerful, etcetera. The text attached to my Duo was a thoughtful work.

A thoughtful work.

Full of thought. Thinking was done by me, and to its fullest.

I myself might have described the Duo as passionate if overwritten and inordinately fussy and besides, it became the third movement of a totally bitchin violin concerto, but that doesn't sell tickets any better than thoughtful.

It also shows why composers should be discouraged from self-describing in public.

So I thought of that when I looked up the online presence for the concert for which I am currently writing a piece (working title: Right Wing Echo Chamber; eventual title: likely Talking Points. It beats woikin'). Where I am called a seasoned composer.

Not thoughtful?

As a seasoned composer, I suppose it's my duty to rush out a cavalcade of jokes about it. Starting now.
  • Rakowski's just the flavor-of-the-month. He's never really in season.
  • I guess Rakowski's music sounds okay. But he lacks taste.
  • Tarragon but not forgotten.
  • Oregano deposit, no return.
  • Come on and rosemary me, Bill.
  • Rakowski's the salt of the earth.
  • You'll love the way he works with thyme.
  • Pepper? I hardly know her!
  • Coriander beat goes on.
  • Everything's cumin up roses.
  • Clove your eyes and I'll kiss you.
  • Savory the date.